Comme le dit si bien Johan :

20:28 - EXPLAINING THE LIBERAL BLOG EXPLOSION: Another of the big discussions at Bloggforum was why classical liberals, libertarians and free-marketeers seem to be more active bloggers. This was my guess when I got the question:

– We are more dissatisfied with the media, so we have to be the media ourselves to get our point of view across.

– We love technology and the future, so when there are new ways to express ourselves, we are quick adapters.

– We are individualists, who think what we do because we personally think that the arguments point in that direction, and we are used to fighting for our views in opposition to others (in school, in the family, in the workplace). If you are more collectivist and want to compromise and reach a consensus, or just think what is politically correct or socially acceptable, it’s more difficult to explain your views and the reasons for them. And it becomes much less interesting to read.