New site For libertatarians

Question authority. Do it yourself. Be an individual.

Not only are these *punk* concepts, they're also *libertarian* concepts.

The goal of is to offer a place for people who believe in questioning authority and thinking for themselves to debate how such ideas should be extended into politics. We personally would like to connect punk rock to libertarianism because we believe the two share common core beliefs. But we're not out to convert everybody to our political ideology or to brainwash you into believing that all "punks" think alike. We're just sick of the absolute stranglehold the media exercises over politics in America and how everything is branded either "liberal" or "conservative." It's either John Kerry or George Bush.

But it's not simply John Kerry and George Bush! There are four candidates who will be on the ballot in a great deal of states: Kerry, Bush, Michael Badnarik, and Ralph Nader.

What, you've never heard of Michael Badnarik? Now you know why we're here.